Zindagi ki mehek last episode

The story of the show is set in Delhi and depicts the journey of a homemaker Mehek [3] and her passion for cooking. She is shy and has social anxiety.

#REVEALED: Zindagi Ki Mehek to air its last episode on...

Mehek meets top chef Shaurya and while their cooking styles clash, they fall in love. Soon Mehek meets Saurabh and starts working with him. Saurabh soon falls in love with Mehek which creates further misunderstanding.

Shaurya Khanna is a rich and wealthy restaurateur in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is a low on confidence middle class girl.

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Cooking is her hobby and passion which she has inherited from her deceased mother. Mehek and Shaurya meet at a cooking competition that Shaurya is judging. Through her cooking, Mehek attains attention and importance that greatly pleases her to-be husband Ajay and his materialistic family.

Meanwhile, Shaurya insults her throughout the shooting of the show leading to a point where Mehek is publicly humiliated and slaps Shaurya. Shaurya realises his mistake and apologises to her which she finally accepts. Mehek agrees to marry Saurabh.

Zindagi Ki Mehek, Zee TV Drama Serial Watch Online

Mehek's cousin Nehal has a secret affair with Ajay. Ajay rejects Nehal and threatens her forcing her to attempt suicide but she is saved by Shaurya. Shaurya tricks Ajay into revealing the affair himself thus leading to the wedding being called off. Shaurya and Mehek develop feelings for each other.

Shaurya's mother Karuna fixes their marriage but Shaurya must prove himself to Mehek's family which he does. On their wedding day, Mehek is shocked to discover Shaurya has gone abroad to promote his new restaurant and has taken her recipes and their patents with him. It is revealed that Shaurya was planning his revenge on Mehek all this while.

zindagi ki mehek last episode

Mehek decides to live in the Khanna household to make Shaurya realise his love for her. Shaurya helps Mehek's best friend Sonal elope with Mehek's brother Mohit. Mohit's grandmother pd suffers a heart attack and the Sharmas blame Shaurya. In a fit of rage, Mehek's uncle vandalises Shaurya's restaurant and in retaliation Shaurya gets their shops bulldozed. This leads Mehek to finally give up and leave Shaurya.

Mehek's ex-fiance Ajay and Sonal's ex-fiance Rohit abduct Mehek and try to rape her. Shaurya saves her in the nick of time but Mehek suffers serious injuries. Her family blames Shaurya and take Mehek away. Finally, the Sharmas accept Shaurya. Before their wedding day, Shaurya organises security for Mehek but the chief officer has a connection to a dark secret from Shaurya's past. Just before their wedding, he reveals to Shaurya that 12 years ago, as a child, Shaurya caused a car accident and the couple killed were Mehek's parents.

A shocked Shaurya tries to come clean to Mehek but the ceremony continues and they are married. Unfortunately, Mehek finds out the truth and believes Shaurya deceived her.

She is enraged but pretends to be happily married for the sake of her family. When the Sharmas finally find out, they decide to reopen the case and Karuna is arrested.

zindagi ki mehek last episode

Finally misunderstandings between the families are cleared up. On their honeymoon in RishikeshMehek witnesses a murder committed by Archie. Archie attacks Mehek and she is presumed dead in a drowning accident.Mehek carries Swati in her arms and brings to hospital. Swati is placed on a strecher, Doctor comes and examines Swati.

Docor tells her Swati is dead. Mehek falls down crying. Coach informs him that he was following Svethlana and just then we hear Ambulance alarm. Mehek gets down from the ambulance and Svethlana is shocked as she was expecting Mehek to be dead. Svethlana calls Baba and tells him that he has not killed the intended one and Mehek is alive.

Mehek comes there and calss her a murderer. Shaurya holds the screaming Mehek. Coach says he was attacked when he was following Svethlana. Svethlana defends herself that she was not at the spot and asks the police to arrest the coach as he was following her.

SHe asks Mehek what was she ding in that deserted place along with her sister, who called her there. Mehek recalls the message received from Shaurya to reach the place and informs the same. Shaurya denies having sent the message. Mehek asks him not to lie.

Shaurya says how can I send u the message when his mobile is not working. Shaurya gets his mobile and gives t to the police to check. Arush warns Shaurya to keep away from his Mom, not to insult her and his new family is weird. Denies to ahead with his marriage. Shaurya begs Mehek to think about the whole incident.

Looks like Mehek is not believing him and still thinks that Shaurya is the one who called her to that place. SHaurya is looking at Mehek, pleading with his eyes to believe him. Sarita breaks down at the pyre and is unstoppable. Police come there and handover few items found at the place of crime.

Mehek cries seeing them. Shaurya pleads to listen to him. Mehek bitterly says she has lost her sister but he has lost no one. Svethlana is super happy that eventhough whatever she wished did not happen but she has sown the seed pf hatred between Mehrya and now it will be easy to bring them down. Mehek brings water to Sarita who is not in her senses and keeps crying for her lost daughter.

Mehek cries and asks Swathi to come back. And cries more. And how can he convince mehek now.The show that started back in Septemberstarred newcomers Karan Vohra as Shaurya and Samiksha Jaiswal as Mehek and intrigued the audience for being a love story with cooking as the backdrop.

The show also made it to the news frequently for many reasons like being the first show to be shot entirely in Delhi and also for both Karan and Samiksha becoming sensations with their on-screen chemistry.

The negatives that the show had to suffer were about how Samiksha was besotted with Karan, so much that the latter's wife stepped in and even had a major row with Samiksha.

This led to animosity between Karan and Samiksha. And now, the show once again appeared in the headlines for finally shutting shop. However, while it was being said that September first week is the date for the show going off air, a report in Bombay Times states that Zindagi Ki Mehek will air its last episode on 31st August. Actor Karan Vohra confirmed the same with the daily and was quoted as saying that even though they the cast and crew were not informed of a reason, they were happy to be ending the show on a high note.

All TV Movies Digital. Buzzin Hot!!! Comments 31 View all Login Register. The channel is to blamed here not our leads Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal. Till now the channel hasn't clarified or given a valid reason for airing a new show at zkm's slot.

May be for the first time this is happening in ITV. It's really disheartening that no one is questioning the Channel. Reply 1. Stop spreading rumors about them. Zindagi Ki Mehek the best. Love kasam Reply 2. Anuteja10 1 years ago Dear IF why you always mention that false news?

zindagi ki mehek last episode

It is very surprising that no one except the fans are raising question about the unethical behaviour of the channel towards Zindagi Ki Mehek. Wonder why others are not protesting or reacting against the channel for such behaviour rather than spreading negative rumours.

This show deserves everything.

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Sad that the Channel nd others never realised its worth. Congratulations for the whole team for completing episodes without any promotion, support nd concern from the channel. Kudos to ZKM. Hope to see you soon in new assignments and may the entire cast and crew be blessed with flourishing jobs.

ZINDAGI KI MEHEK LAST EPISODE : Finally Mehek And Shaurya Will Get Married And Show Will END

Reply 3. Lots of love to them and wish them very best in life. I'm still expecting positive results from our producer Tiwari Surabh. View More. Report Abuse. Not loggedin. Enter Your Details First. Name: Email Id: Add.Mehek zee world is a story of Mehek Sharma, a talented cook who decides to pursue her passion by entering a cooking competition.

However, her life takes a turn after she meets Shaurya, an arrogant judge of the competition. In a new development, Zee world will be showing the series alongside a new cast assemble — The Gabellas. Episodes from their own journey will run alongside the over original episodes of Mehek. Shaurya and Mehek are reborn.

Mehek is born to a poor household where her father resents her for being a girl. On the other hand, Shaurya is born into a rich family. Mehek grows to become a tomboy and again meets Shaurya. Mehek is a bold and fearless personality who easily picks up fights. Shaurya is practicing to become a boxer as his father hopes his son will one day win the gold medal.

Both Shaurya and Mehek are haunted by visions of their previous life.

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Later Mehek and Shaurya are brought to the same college both with the passion of boxing or so it seems. Shaurya actually has cooking as his passion but his father Yuvraaj wants him to be a boxer.

Sometime later, Mehek tricks Shaurya into missing a very crucial boxing match causing him to be disqualified. From that day Shaurya and his father set out to take revenge on her. But inbetween all the commotion of that, Shaurya and Mehek fall in love again. Then comes Svetlana. Her son Arush wants to marry Shaurya sister Sweeti. Again she tries to separate them by killing them with the help of a superstitious baba.

Mehek recalls her past life but Svetlana fires two bullets at her. Mehek survives but pretends to be a ghost in front of Svetlana to make her fearful.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Sushma Kiran shares a few throwback pictures and pens an emotional note for husband Ravi Kiran on 11th wedding anniversary. Kasturinuvasa actor Dileep Shetty's transformation picture will surely set some fitness goals; take a look.

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She wakes up scared. Swetlana says I wanna go. Arush says but mom. Arush says this woman has gone mad. Kanta says they came here to complete this story. Dadi says I realize that God is there to count our sin. I wont do anything wrong now. Come with us. Shaurya takes him to store of their house and shows him the photos. He says I am sorry I was doing this mistake of parting you. Help your father and give us chance to be part of your plan. Mahek says we have to know her plan.

We have to fix cameras in her house. Yuvraj says I know how to do that. Yuvraj says I beg you marry my daughter. Dadi places pen camera here and there. Swetlana says send them away from here.

Zindagi Ki Mehek, Zee TV Drama Serial Watch Online

Mahek and Shaurya see in the video that they are going abroad. A Arush says mom should we do this? She says yes. Go and get the back. Swetalan faints. Mahek and Sweeti go to their car. Kanta and Yuvraj are in the car.

Shaurya says chachi are you ready? She unties her hair. Arush takes Swetalan inside. Arush says who? Swetlana says she is here. They hear a noise. Kanta says to Swetlana you wont have peace. My Mahek wont leave you this time. Every path you run from will be stopped by her. Arush says get out of here. He calls guards.

Kanta says death is after you and you will have a painful death. No one can save you. Arush says mom relax.See our picks. Title: Zindagi ki Mehak — See what's trending now. Siddharth, a hotelier, takes up the responsibility of repairing the relationship between his independent wife, Roshni, and his enterprising mother-in-law, Durga Devi.

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A love story between a 42 year old middle class, conservative single mother, Vedika and a 24 year old irresponsible, maverick, Sahil, from a traditional, super rich business family. Arnav, a wealthy business tycoon, decides to ruin Khushi's reputation after he thinks she sabotaged one of his events.

Meanwhile, Khushi quietly suffers for the crimes she didn't commit. Kumkum Bhagya is a love story of Pragya and Abhi who are destined to be together against all odds. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya is a coming of age story about two young people who have different notions about love.

The story revolves around the lives of Twinkle and Yuvraj, and their triangular relationship of love, hatred, betrayal and obsession. Loveless marriages and jealousy characterize two neighboring households as they try to cope with each other and themselves. Naren, a spiritually inclined boy, spends his time admiring nature and doing humanitarian work.

His friendship with Pooja, a pretty college student, changes his life in the most unexpected way. Azaan finds his soulmate in Shayra, but his mother, Begum Razia wants him to get married to her best friend's daughter, Noor.

However, love triumphs against all odds in this battle - but not for too long. Two foodies from a different background meet each other. As their characters develop, the love for food changes to love for each other.

This series is about how they grow as human beings, who care for each other, but also learn to care for others while staying true to themselves. Written by Reena. Terrific acting done by both lead characters, especially considering that they weren't experienced actors.

The chemistry between these two is almost visible. The story line is great and presented in a very entertaining and delightful way. I won't gush about Karan Vohra being handsome, because I think that his acting skills are more worthy talking about, then his looks and believe me when I say that says a lot, because he looks mighty fine with his beard and sarcastic smile.

Samiksha is the epitome of a middle class girl and presents it very well. Love to binge watch this serial. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.