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Elected to the riding of Regina—Qu'Appelle at the age of 25, Scheer was re-elected in, and before becoming the Speaker of the House of Commons at age 32, making him the youngest Speaker in the chamber's history. On 28 SeptemberScheer announced his bid for the leadership of the Conservative Partyrunning under the slogan of "Real conservative.

Real leader. Scheer has described himself as focused on economic development, fiscal restraint, and reducing inefficiencies in government. Scheer, [16] [17] a librarian, proofreader with the Ottawa Citizenand Catholic deacon.

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InScheer began his Bachelor of Arts studies in criminology, [27] political science, and history at the University of Ottawa[28] from which he would ultimately graduate inreceiving his BA degree four years after he was first elected to Parliament. He also worked in the correspondence department of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition under Stockwell Day.

In his third year of university, Scheer ran as a school trustee for the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board in the Ottawa municipal elections[27] but lost to incumbent Kathy Ablett.

Scheer was elected at age 25 as a Conservative candidate in the federal election ofin the riding of Regina—Qu'Appellebeating New Democratic Party MP Lorne Nystrom —the longest-serving member of the House of Commons at the time—by votes. In Aprilduring the 39th Canadian ParliamentScheer was named as Assistant Deputy Chairman of Committees of the Whole, one of three deputy speakers and one of the youngest Members of Parliament to serve in that role in Commonwealth history.

Also, he sponsored a bill that would create minimum sentences for those convicted of motor vehicle theft called Bill C, An Act to amend the Criminal Code motor vehicle theft[41]. When the Conservative Party won a majority at the federal election inScheer's experience as Deputy Speaker led many to consider him the front-runner to be elected Speaker of the House of Commons.

Scheer became the youngest House Speaker in Canadian history and the first speaker to represent a Saskatchewan riding. During his tenure, some individual opposition MPs were critical of some of his decisions. Liberal MP Irwin Cotler questioned his impartiality due to a decision over a robocall incident with Campaign Research it was reported that Scheer was a client of the firm. Scheer was re-elected in the federal election in which the Conservative government was defeated.

He thought about running for the position of interim Party Leader but was dissuaded by fellow caucus MP Chris Warkentinwho pointed out that the interim leader cannot take the permanent position. InScheer publicly voiced his support for the UK's decision to vote in favour of Brexit during the referendum.

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On 28 SeptemberScheer announced his bid for the leadership of the Conservative Partyand that he had the support of 32 members of the Conservative caucus.

In fact, Scheer garnered laughs at the annual Press Gallery dinner with this gag: [58]. Scheer's campaign for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership was run under the slogan "Real conservative. Positions on which he took a strong stance included scrapping the carbon tax and being "tough on crime".

During the Conservative leadership race, Scheer stated that he would balance the federal budget within two years of forming government, however his platform on specific reforms to accomplish this have not yet been revealed.

Scheer benefited from the unexpected support of Brad Trost during the leadership race. It was reported that some of Trost supporters contravened the Elections Act and party membership rules by offering incentives to vote. Dimitri Soudasa former Stephen Harper aide, pointed out that it violated election rules and it benefited Scheer's campaign but the ballots had been destroyed so the result stood. Scheer was criticized by opposition politicians for removing his campaign platform after winning the Conservative leadership race.

The day after the election it was revealed that Hamish Marshall, Scheer's campaign manager, was listed as an IT specialist and one of the directors of the far right news outlet The Rebel Media. Later, a conservative spokesperson clarified that Scheer was aware that the Rebel was one of Marshall's many clients, but did not know the specifics. After the Charlottesville, Virginia "Unite the Right" rallyScheer denounced Rebel News [77] due to its sympathetic coverage of the rally, [78] and stated that he would stop doing interviews with The Rebel Media until its "editorial directions" changed.

On 4 JanuaryScheer expelled Senator Lynn Beyak from the conservative caucus, after she refused to remove one of her letters that suggested Indigenous people want to get things for "no effort".

They have started returning my ‘Do As I say’ power – Seer 1

He also stated that "Racism will not be tolerated in the Conservative caucus or Conservative Party of Canada". Scheer travelled to the United Kingdom in March to "lay the groundwork" for a Canada—UK trade agreement, should he become Prime Minister after the election. The Citizen editorial commented that the trip was "undiplomatic" and "not statesmanlike", while the Globe editorial pointed out that a Canada—UK trade agreement had already been announced last year by Prime Minister Trudeau.

A spokesperson of Scheer's responded to these claims by stating "Has the government offered Andrew a briefing? The answer is 'no ' ", and "This [is] fake news. Clement responded that he would not confirm or deny it. After the Conservative Convention in AugustScheer denied an allegation that the Dairy Farmers of Canada worked with his office to block a motion to change the party's position on supply management after a page from the briefing book was already made public on Twitter by a Conservative delegate.

At the election, Scheer led the Tories to a gain of 26 seats for a total ofup from 95 at the time of dissolution. It was the first time since that a party won the most seats without winning the popular vote [96] [97] It was also the first time since a government took power with less than 35 per cent of the national popular vote since the John A.Last Updated on February 28, at pm.

In the last three years, those who have been following rich and controversial pastors in Africa will definitely know that Andrew Seer 1 is one of the African Prophets that turns the table upside side when he speaks.

Seer 1 attended Comprehensive Sec. He is surrounded by several controversies, which made him more popular than the real evangelism, some of them include:. Watch this video, Type Enter and share this post. In March 20,tumfweko. In another academic report by MDPISeer 1 was accused of putting expiry date on miracle water so that his church members would buy more miracle. Nigerian prophet, Andrew Ejimadu known as Seer 1 was deported for putting expiry dates on holy water.

He made the generous give away, a few days he was deported from Zambia. He has also claimed that he could pray money into people bank accounts. I have washed your feet.

First thing tomorrow morning, if you type Amen and share this post, someone will call you and your feet will carry you there to pick a special gift.

andrew seer 1

Many people will miss this. Try it. In Julyhe was in the news. He alongside his younger brother, Cleopas Ejimadu, were arrested by the Zambian police for allegedly raping a year-old girl who had gone to their residence in the lbex Hill area in Lusaka, for spiritual counselling. During one of his miracle hours, he vomited monies to the admiration of his church members.

Definitely, Seer 1 is worth several millions of Naira, his properties have not been quantified at this moment. Share 5. Pin 1. Contact Us For your press release, complaints, and promoted contents or partnership reach us on: infomediang19 gmail.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1 has insisted that he helped the PF retain power in the general elections. He was deported in after authorities deemed his antics as a danger to society although he insists that he was not departed but that he reached a compromise with the Zambian government to leave the country on his own terms. In an interview with Diamond TV Monday evening hours after a video appeared of his Sunday Church service in which he revealed that 20 PF Ministers and some MPs obtained magical powers from his to win election, Seer 1 insists that his revelations are solid.

Seer 1 who is now based in Polokwane, South Africa revealed shocking details of how he was able to assist the PF members to win the election. Seer 1 claimed that a number of PF politicians, and musicians have used his powers to obtain success. Seer 1 explained that he has been made to issue the threats in reaction to the way the Zambian government is allegedly mistreating some clergymen and women. He says the arrest of Chingola based Bishop Kazhila for speaking out against the killings in Chingola shows that the PF government does not respect the Church.

He admitted that he caused a lot of deaths in Zambia among people that failed to follow his instructions but refused to reveal the names of those he killed saying he respects their families.

The biggest tragedy to have hit Zambia lately are men and women of gold. Now birds are coming home to roost. Christians or Satanists? Pf is a vicious cult led by a vicious snake eating drunkard. All well meaning Zambians must come together and free themselves from these brutal bustards.

He must be in love with zambia …unfortunately he is undesirable person in zambia. Careful with what you are saying. Just another con and claiming to be a man of God. Shocking what people resort to just for money!!! The mere fact that this man and his ilk even hv a following is enough indictment on us as country. Truth is wherever public services such health, education, security, transport, town planning and water are failing, someone has to fill in the void.

Hence the strength of mega churches in Nigeria and quickly spreading to Zambia. Hahaha I have never laughed so hard in my life. This fake and stupid con artist is really a clown. If he had such powers, I am sure he would have formed his own party in his own country and won elections there.

The only person who made pf win is me. My hard work ensures victory. He called himself a prophet, clergy,as for me such people I call them magician, witchcraft and all evil names he deserves to be on him, someone exposing like that he just want money from the politicians which will result in killing their opponents,SA should watch out with such people this guy has to be caged reveal those people he has killed and who are those ministers and musicians.

Such kind of men cause the name of GOD almighty to ridicule. No wonder he was expelling from Zambia. Paul kigame is the only African progressive leader who does not belive in this which craft and prophet shyte, he banned these crooks.

I ask again, why are all prophets these days black African people only? Take religion cautiously with an open mind and hand yourselves to be misled have wisdom and Knowledge. Only the devil or his worshipers demand something back from people they supposedly helped.Andrew Ejimadu aka Seer 1 has been on the spotlight and it seems like the scandals will keep coming.

My name is Caroline Nyambe. Seer 1 is a wicked soul, he has sold his soul to the devil, this man can kill anyone just by looking at them or shaking their hands. A lot of men and women of God in Zambia and abroad are fully aware of how wicked Seer 1 is but they are scared of their lives and unwilling to confront him. Am doing this because last night he threatened to kill me and I know he means it.

I worked for him for 3 years and he has a room where no one enters except him and this is where his godfather ATOVI usually appear to him. Seer 1 is so rich that in most cases he deposits more than K Someone can investigate this. I wore the watch and ring specifically for that shoot. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help.

Prophet Seer 1 arrested for money miracle in South Africa​

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Woman catches cheating Husband, breaks all the windows to his car April 17, Seer 1 says if Sunday Sinyangwe is a true man of God, he must heal the wife by removing the demon inside her womb and Zambians will believe his powers. Seer 1 says he told Sunday Sinyangwe that he was going to attack his Pastor and a Camera boy but failed to protect them from his attack. He says if Sunday Sinyangwe disputes the allegations, he will publish all the chats he had with him for the Zambian people to judge on their own.

Religion is no longer as simple as it used to be in the days of Noah when he was told to build an arc by God. Prophets of today use wrist bands, their pictures, detergents and many other things to do their miracles. Of late we have found a prophet who is said to be doing his miracle healings using beer, wine and meat.

Several pictures of this prophet have gone viral on social media and we are wondering what he really puts to his meat sausage when cooking it. Is it just normal meat or it is spiced with some healing powers or what is in that meat?

Salt covenant again Coronavirus #Seer1

Continue Reading. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Woman catches cheating Husband, breaks all the windows to his car — Video. Popular Undertakers causing chaos on social media have a message for the World — Watch.

Evelyn Hone college gassed — Video. Soldiers make Hungry Lion workers to roll in mud for closing shop late — Watch. Angry residents burn Nyimba Police Station — Video.

andrew seer 1

Police shoot dead nephew of speaker of the parliament. Video of Man carrying woman on a bicycle while K! SSING causes chaos. Most Read. April 16, Dentist attacks Sophie Lichaba — Your teeth are now too big Lerato Kganyago roasts a Fan who asked her about not wearingBy on May 30, 18 Comments.

He said it was in that room that he saw a strange human being emerge from behind the table who asked him specifically what he wanted. He said the people that filled up his church the first time were a demonstration that it was possible to achieve anything with the soap and other media used.

He said the other condition was that he had to continue buying the magic soap and oils from Nigeria to sustain his powers at an exorbitant price. Pastor Chipuka said problems arose between him and the said prophet when he was almost going against the condition of marrying. He accused Pastor Sinyangwe of the famous Standing in the Gap team of being behind the confusion. He said after Pastor Sinyangwe saw that he prophet Andrew was getting more famous than him, he started fighting him through fabrication of false stories against him.

I challenge him to report me to the police if he thinks I am practising Satanism or cultism which is against the laws of Zambia. Two idiots trying to make a living out of the monies of the gullible stupid Zambians who were convinced by a thieving president that theres is a chosen land,a Christian nation.

Seriously these pente nonsenses should just be closed or is it banned. And you will find that these two rogues are not even Zambians. Then you wonder why you remain undeveloped. Tell them all those brainwashed idiyots who believe that Nigerian con-men like TB joshua are annointed prophets.

If those mothafakas are prophets then I am the God of that bastard jesus christ. These are the same prophets lungu was welcoming during national prayers. No wonder the country has gone tits up. The idiots were praying to make themselves rich. Ghanaian medicine man, Nana Kawku Bonsam discusses African traditional religion and his role as a traditional priest.

He also confesses that many Pentecostal pastors in Africa seek him for help in advancing the memberships of their congregations. Jesus was very catigorical in all his sermons regarding false prophets during the last days.

Where is it written that a pastor needs to be on a salary and members of church should be giving material things to him and his wife every monthend? Jesus and his true apostals preached freely and prayed for the sick without anything being given in return. We read that Peter and some of his freinds were catching fish to earn a living during their free time.

The apostal Paul was a tent maker.His confidence that not even prayer will save those that got power from him that is if he really has that power is based on these three things that all should know today. Anyone who enters into an agreement with Satan or spirits for fame or riches cross the line of grace, have darkened hearts and minds to accept conviction for sin easily and turn to God. Unless God intervenes there is almost zero chance that such would yield to Him in full submission with the only motive they would seek Him would be for protection out of fear not genuine repentance.

Andrew has been around most of these Zambian pastors and self acclaimed prophets and knows them well enough and their secret sinful dealings. He knows that none of the so called clergy that are aligned to the Patriotic Front government and are beneficiaries of their loot are of God including our own Religious Affairs minister, Reverend Sumaili even when she tries so hard to act as one. None of them can offer effective prayers that will be heard by God that he interposes incase of a spiritual attack.

If indeed they were able to then Joy Imakando, Joshua Banda, Sunday Sinyangwe and many other so called Anointed men of God would have boldly stepped up to denounce and dare him, their quietness tells it all.

Andrew knows that Pentecostalism as a christian practice of faith is a hoax, and is impotent of the very power its adherents claim and try to display through miracles and prophecies. The gimmicks he uses to perform miracles and give prophecies are the same ones everyone uses all over Africa to draw crowds so how will he fear their prayers or which God will answer prayers from an error founded and based faith. Incase many have no idea of what am talking about then let them Google search Charles Parham, William J.

andrew seer 1

Seymour or Azusa street revival to understand what it is all about. A belief system founded on error and left uncorrected for more than a century does not become a correct one by long practice, it remains erroneous and unsanctioned of Heaven.

I challenge those who claim to have miraculous and prophetic power to prove me wrong.

Prophet Andrew Seer 1 arrested

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