Air valve revit family

air valve revit family

Most popular types of valves and how to use them as Revit families. Valves are devices that control the flow of fluids liquids, gases, vapors and more by stopping, adjusting or allowing the passage of the fluid through its container. There are many types of valves available on the market and choosing which one to use in a Revit project can be demanding. As an MEP engineer you have to take into account several technical properties of the valve, as well as the manufacturer that provides it, and combine these criteria with the preferences of the other project stakeholders.

After going through this article, you will have a complete set of correct arguments and useful knowledge to support your decisions regarding the valves you want to use in your Revit projects.

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Manually vs. Mechanically operated valves are controlled by an actuator attached to them. An actuator is needed for instance in the case when the valve is too large to be operated manually because of its dimensions.

Most popular types of valves and how to use them as Revit families

You will also need an actuator to control the valve automatically or remotely, such as in washing machine cycles or a centralized control room. Valves controlled by actuators are usually referred to as motorized valves. If you want to use these in your projects, you can download motorized valve Revit families from the MEP content library. There are also several kinds of actuators to choose from. For example, electric motors and solenoids fall into the category of electromechanical actuators.

Pneumatic actuators are controlled by air pressure and hydraulic actuators are controlled by the pressure of a liquid. View here the library of solenoid valve Revit files and electromechanical actuators. There is generally not much debate about when you should choose an actuator-controlled valve or a manual one. Actuators are designed to provide comfort, safety and convenience by automating certain tasks and taking into account a number of factors before sending a command.

In all other cases, a manual valve will be enough. Unless you have a huge number of valves in a building for which automation is a necessity. Different types of valves There is however some confusion when it comes to valve types and the best option for certain situations. Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of valves out there and their best usage. Gate valve The closing element of this type of valve is a metal gate. When the valve is set to the "off" position, the gate is fully lowered allowing no fluid to pass through.

When the valve is "on", the gate retracts into the body of the valve. This ensures no or a negligible flow loss across the valve.

Best usage : When the valve is meant to be kept either fully open or fully closed. Keeping a gate valve partially open poses a serious risk of erosion of the gate. The vibrations resulted from the interaction of the fluid with the partially open gate also represent a damage factor.

Globe valve The fluid flow inside a globe valve follows an S-shaped trajectory. This means that in a fully open position the fluid has to change direction twice inside the valve. This results in a significant drop in pressure. Therefore, globe valves are not typically used when the flow in the pipe needs to be able to reach maximum capacity. Best usage : In throttling situations or when frequent operation is foreseen. Globe valves are available in tee, wye and angle patterns and are many times used for cooling water systems.Siemens Building Technologies With innovative solutions for electronic security and fire safety, comfort and energy efficiency, Siemens Building Technologies helps customers worldwide and around the clock to focus on their core businesses and optimize them.

Intelligent and efficient building technologies create comfort, provide for safety and security of people, assets and business processes, improve living and working conditions, and to employ energy effectively in an environmentally sensible manner. HVAC Products of Siemens Based on well-founded application know-how, Siemens develops and delivers a comprehensive and user-friendly product range for building automation and the regulation and control of heat generators as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Siemens is a specialist in the area of electronic regulation and control, offering customized solutions for original equipment manufacturers OEMsinstallers, resellers and system houses.

air valve revit family

Thanks to a global distribution network and reliable logistics, Siemens demonstrates customer proximity and a high level of product availability. Start following. Go to website.Czech Republic. Iran, Islamic Republic Of.

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System pro E power Top Busbar System switchboard. Fan coil unit. System pro E power Top Busbar System switchboard — capacitor bank application.

Heat recovery unit. FTC5 hydrobox for ecodan split units. FTC5 cylinder for ecodan split units. Reversible heat pump, air source for outdoor installation. Chiller, air source for outdoor installation. SkyStar 2P Fan coil unit. SkyStar 4P Fan coil unit. Heat pump outdoor unit. The system makes very easy and reliable the laying of new installations and very practical in revising the existing ones.

Pipes and fittings are assembled by means of electro-mechanical pressing tools with TH profile, that permanently deform the stainless steel AISI bushing and ensuring the perfect union and seal of the two parts.Learn more. Free Autodesk Revit objects to download and use in your models.

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Save tags Cancel. Add to bundle Remove from bundle. Get technical help. Select your location Global. Technical help.Automatic Air Vent is used in heating and other installations, where it is required to remove air from media in systems. The Automatic Air Vent must be placed on the higher point of installations. This type of automatioc air ventis designed to stop air flow immediately, when air flow direction is changed air from atmosphere to system is prevented.

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air valve revit family

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